Defender 110 CSW

Here’s a few picture’s of the ‘new’ 110.

Think of these as the ‘before’ shots, I’m not going to radically alter the look of it, but the fold up steps will probably be the first to go. I’m also toying with the idea of replacing the ‘Wolf’ wheels with some alloys, possibly ‘Boost’ or ‘Deep Dish’ one’s with a more all terrain type tyre (anyone want to swap ?). The other thing I’d like to change are the cill panels, probably to some jackable type’s, unsure as to which one’s yet though, any recommendations ? Up front I’ll change the headlamp finishers for black one’s to match the grill and eventually refit my Lightforce lamps on some kind of light-bar or A-bar.















Well this one has now gone. I’ve decided to look for something with a little more refinement in the shape of a Discovery II, watch this space…

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