Freelander air filter replacement

I decided to change the air filter for no other reason than I’d picked up a replacement at a show for a bargain price! There’s nothing difficult involved in changing the filter but accessing the 2 rearmost fixings can be a bit of a struggle due to their placement, for the rear 2 you’ll need a 5mm hex bit and a socket extension of at least 150mm+ to allow you to reach the fixings. Once you’ve removed all the fixings that hold the cover on place carefully pull the cover upwards to reveal the air filter then simply pull out the old filter and give the housing a quick wipe around then put the new filter back in place. The most difficult part of the process is locating the cover correctly back in place so that the fixing holes line up but it shouldn’t take more than a couple of attempts to get everything back together. The part number is – LR007478

You need to remove the rearmost plastic cover to access the air filter


One of the tricky rear fixings


Once the cover is removed the air filter will reveal itself


Yet another before and after shot, guess which is which?


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