GPS Antenna Update

For ages now I’ve been wondering how I’m going to connect the Freelander GPS Antenna to the Alpine sat nav unit.

The Freelander external GPS antenna unit is designed for use with the Becker nav unit. I was told by a Becker service technician that the Becker antenna is active (i.e. requires power).

I was also told that the Alpine sat nav unit uses a passive (no power) antenna.

Lots of looking around the net led me back to EBay. There is a on there guy selling an antenna which can have many different types of plug on it. I was originally going to buy onw of these, cut the plug off it and then splice it to the Freelander antenna to then fit into the Alpine sat nav. It sort of half confirms that the Freelander antenna will work with the ALpine unit (maybe!)

However, I then found this guy on EBay.  Turns out that they sell the Becker plug to Alpine plug adapter. Result!

Still not sure on the active/passive issue though! I guess I’ll have to se if there is any voltage present on the antenna connevctor on the back of the Alpine sat nav.

Comments or tips welcome…


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