Parking Distance Control Arrives

Ever since I backed into a concrete dustbin shelter at Scotgate campsite in the Lakes, I’ve been meaning to get one of these. I had one on the Kalahari and it was a godsend as the rear view in the Freelander isn’t great!

I found on at Britcar for £460.44! It was out of the question till  I came across one at the 4x4partsdirect shop on eBay. 30 seconds later it was mine and it arrived today!

P1040107 As you can see the kit is suitable for both Discovery and Freelander.

The Disco has the additional switch to cancel the PDC. This is an option I shall look into when I get around to installing this.

The ECU is a BMW one. Not surprising considering Land Rover was under BMW ownership during this period. I recognise the connectors as they are similar to the ones I’ve encountered when working on the BMW MINI. The mini had PDC information transmitted on CAN. Maybe this ECU does the same? P1040079

The PDC sensors come in left (Yellow) and right (Green)


The kit comes with the usual array of looms and fixings…


Sensor to ECU loom.


ECU to speaker loom.


Fixings for sensors etc

The final piece is the speaker that the bings and bongs come from: –

P1040100 P1040099

Quite a sturdy unit. The instructions say to mount it in the rear post. I’d like it closer to the front so I can hear it better.

More evidence of the BMW parts bin!


I’ll post again with pictures from the installation (when we get around to it).


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