The Land Rover Max! Show

Half of GLR (me) went to the Land Rover Max show on Saturday held at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire. This is only the second show that Land Rover Monthly magazine have put on at this particular venue, the first being last year which I also went to, and being totally honest I (and so were several other people I spoke to) a little disappointed with this year’s event. The venue itself is great, good ample parking close to the show and the facilities seem to be clean and plentiful, echoed by those that were camping, and the layout is also good with plenty of room to get around. What was not so good was the £15 entrance fee (on the day) and the seeming lack of trade stalls, which was a great shame because the feel of the show was very good, nice and relaxed and not overcrowded with everyone jostling for space but by the same token the lack of visitors made the show look a bit ’empty’.
I still had a good time despite this though as I managed to bag a couple of bargains and also met up with some friends (old and new) from the Land Rover based forums I frequent.

Visitors seemed a bit thin on the ground this year

Time for a good rummage

One of the arena displays in full swing

Mark Pattendens '14 Capitals in 14 Days' Discovery, check out his website for more details of this very worthy cause at

Carrying out product R&D...

Nothing beats a brew out of the back of the Disco

Even spotted this Evoque in the car park

I’m hoping that next year, if LRM still run the show, that things will improve, it’d be a shame for this venue to lose the show but then again maybe there are just too many Land Rover shows these days, perhaps we only need one or two big shows per year like it used to be, that way at least the show would be a show worth visiting…


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