Torque Wrench

When refitting wheels or any other component for that matter I always like to tighten the fixings or bolts, etc to the recommended torque value especially where the correct torque can be safety critical.
I already have two torque wrenches of differing sizes and between them they tend to cover most circumstances for everyday maintenance and repairs but on a few occasions I have been left short in terms of maximum torque range so a new torque wrench was required with a higher capacity.
A fair bit of research led me to the Halfords ‘professional’ range torque wrench, they seem to consistently get good reviews from both enthusiasts and professional users alike and I already have a fair collection of their ‘professional’ range which I’m more than pleased with so the decision was made to purchase one.
I’m very pleased with the build quality of the wrench and the torque is set simply by twisting a locking knob at the end of the wrench through 90° to unlock the mechanism then you twist the handle to increase the torque value which you can see through a small window towards the base of the wrench, once set simply twist the locking knob back again through 90° and the torque value is locked and the wrench ready to use. When the set torque value is reached the wrench gives a satisfying ‘click’ to let you know. The wrench is a half inch reversible drive and the torque value goes from 60 Nm up to a maximum of 300Nm (or 40 – 225 lbf.ft in old money), recommended.

Torque wrench with storage tube and instructions


Small window lets you set the value in either Newton metres (Nm) or pounds/feet (lbs.ft)


Reversible half inch drive ratchet head



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