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Following on from the ‘are you ready for the freeze’ post below I decided I’d try to get myself another set of wheels and tyres for use mainly during the winter months, as luck would have it I came across a set of 16″ alloys shod with General Grabber AT2 tyres on the D2 forum for a very reasonable price, let’s just hope we now get some winter weather to justify the purchase…
The General Grabber AT2 has gained a formidable reputation over the last few years within the Land Rover community (and beyond) for maintaining traction in less than favourable conditions; including mud, sand and snow and also for it’s strength and longevity. Although this particular pattern is still available, albeit in ever limited numbers, it has now been replaced by General Grabbers new ‘AT’ tyre, this is down to new European legislation that imposes a limit on the amount a noise a tyre can make when it comes into contact with the road surface.
The only slight flaw in my plan so far is that one of the tyres has developed a very, very slight leak on the rim, I’m hoping that the tyre just needs to be re-seated on the rim to cure this, I’ll hopefully get this sorted next week so they’re ready to go on the Discovery for when/if the weather eventually turns bad.




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