Cubby-box lid

When I bought the new leather gear knobs the other week I noticed that the same company was also selling new, genuine parts padded cubby-box lids for the princely sum of £10! I promptly ordered one and it duly arrived within 3 days, well packaged and new as described.
Fitting is simply a case of removing the 4 screws from the hinge of the lid and swapping the lid over for the new one. The photograph showing the new lid fitted was taken with the waterproof seat covers still in place so the mix of colours looks a bit of a mish-mash but with them removed the colour compliments the leather seats rather well, another plus point is that the padding makes for a more comfortable place to rest your arm when driving.

Just unpacked

Stitching detail

Remove then reuse these four screws

Finished (waterproof seat covers still in place)


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