Discovery rear wiper renewal

Back in December I changed the front wiper blades, I did buy a full set and intended to change the lot but due to Land Rovers stunning design, to change the rear wiper blade involves removing the rear door mounted spare wheel, great! Back in december it was far too cold for that!
I finally got around to changing it yesterday, nothing complicated, takes more time to remove then refit the spare wheel than it does to change the blade.  Simply pull the rear wiper arm away from the body, tilt the wiper blade about 30° to the wiper arm and pull, the wiper blade is only held by a ‘snap-fit’ fixing. The new one just snaps in to place and that’s it, refit the spare wheel and you’re finished.
The part number is DKC 100890, I chose to use a genuine parts wiper as they tend to ‘sweep’ the rear window better than pattern parts wipers.

New wiper blade, part number DKC 100890


Spare wheel removed, wiper arm pulled away from rear window


This is the location of the 'catch', tilt the wiper and pull


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