Fix it or buy a new one?

Land Rovers are probably as popular as they are due to the fact that they are so easy to fix, modify etc. That’s certainly the case for the utility models and earlier marks of vehicles. However more modern vehicles are full of electronics and this is generally viewed with some trepidation. This doesn’t have to be the case. The internet has opened up vast communities and websites containing all manner of information and the amateur mechanic can now look at CAN bus info, diagnostic readouts etc.

This leads us to the thrust of this article, fixing stuff. In these austere times it can be a great money saver to try and fix things yourself. It can also be great fun! As mentioned above Land Rovers are great for this. An example of this is when the GLR Freelander had the HDC, TC and Brake warning lights appear on the dashboard. The fix was found on the internet and credit given in the article. This was a simple gratifying fix that cost about £20. Garage price would probably been twice this and heaven knows what a main dealer would have charged!

For this reason we have started a section in the links to list repair sites. The one I found this morning which inspired this article is ifixit. There’s a vehicle section on there but no Land Rover stuff yet. Maybe you could add something? GLR will be looking in to doing so.

A warning! Although fixing stuff yourself is fun and can save money, you should only attempt repairs you feel competent to do so. Start small and build your skills. Safety critical systems such as brakes, steering and drivetrain should be left to specialists.

Finally a caveat!!! Green Land Rover accepts no responsibility whatsoever for: –

  1. The advice given on any of the linked sites.
  2. The consequences of you carrying out your own repairs or modifications to your property.

Have fun!



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