Td5 Air Filter Renewal & First Drive of the New Year

After getting the engine oil and filters changed just before Christmas (and gearbox oil a few weeks prior to that) I edged a little nearer to completing the full service today by changing the air filter. The existing air filter was less than 12000 miles ‘old’ but as you can see from the pictures below, it was in a pretty dreadful state, all of the paper fins were completely coated in a fine layer of dust. The air filter housing itself was pretty clean so at least the filter was doing it’s job effectively in stopping any dust or debris from entering the engine.

Air filter housing, surprisingly clean inside


You can clearly see from the next picture what 12000 miles worth of dust looks like and this is from a vehicle that spends the majority of it’s life on road as opposed to off road, you can clearly see the value of fitting a raised air intake if you regularly take your vehicle off road in dusty conditoins and that’s besides the benefits they offer during wading.
Once again I chose to fit a ‘pattern part’ air filter (Bearmach this time) as having compared genuine, original air filters with aftermarket (branded) ones there seems little point in paying twice the price for the same thing, that’s not to say I use this logic for every part, just simple parts like the air filter for instance. Also given the price of these filters (around £4) I’m going to start changing it every 6000 miles instead of the ‘recommended’ 12000, after all we all like clean air!


Spot the difference


Close up of the air filters dirty ‘fins’


The part number of the air filter you’ll need for a Td5 Discovery II is LR027408 that is the Land Rover genuine part number but Googling that will lead you to the correct part.


Today was also the first time I’d driven the Discovery in almost 2 weeks, since the oil and filters change it had been parked up over the Christmas holidays being used as a temporary ‘extra’ shed for storing all manner of stuff.
Although the weather hasn’t been particularly harsh over the last 2 weeks there have been a few days where the temperature has dropped enough to cause a few frosty mornings so I was expecting a bit of a sluggish response this morning when I went out to start it but thankfully it burst in to life on the first turn of the key. It’s only when you haven’t driven a Land Rover for a while that you realise why you own one, nothing else has the ‘grin factor’ like a Land Rover and driving it today just reaffirmed that and may also have accounted for my rather leisurely, convoluted journey to work…

Gratuitous photograph of my shiny Discovery on today’s ‘extended’ drive






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