Freelander Alloys – Update

Yesterday was the first time I’ve had chance to look at the alloys that I recently bought off eBay.

Upon looking at the tyres on the alloys I came to the conclusion that 4 of them weren’t good enough  to use. Tyres are a critical safety element of a vehicle and for me to use them in the condition they were would be irresponsible.  One had a chunk missing, one had cracks in the sidewall and another just had no tread. A fourth one may have been ok and the fifth one was fine.

I took the rims down to Just Tyres in Stourbridge and the nice man took all 5 tyres off and disposed of the 4 scrap ones for the princely sum of £20. This makes storing them whilst I save my pennies for the new set of tyres a lot easier!


Whilst trawling the web I found a a place that will refurbish alloys for £20/wheel so I got to thinking I could get the wheels back to like new condition for relatively small outlay. However their offer seems to be a little out of date (Ends end of Jan this year ???) so it might not be possible. The only other alternative I know of is Redditch Shot Blasting who made a nice job of the spare wheel carrier on the Freelander.

There’s quite a bit of wear left in the current tyres on the Freelander and I’ll be looking to change them some time in September. All details will be published here as usual.


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