Freelander alloy wheels

When the GLR Discovery had new wheels, I really liked the look of the 5 spokes. This set me thinking that some 5 spoke alloys would look great on the Freelander.

About a week ago I saw a set of these wheels on eBay: –


I contacted the seller, who was fairly local and secured a deal for the set. I’m going to pick them up tomorrow and was hoping to get them fitted over the weekend! However this might not be possible…

I wasn’t sure what the model name for my current wheels or the new wheels so I had a root through my Freelander brochure collection: –

Freelander Brochures

I found both my wheels and the new wheels in the second issue of Freelander brochures. It seems the wheels I have are called  ‘Trek’ and the ones I’ve bought are called ‘Active’. I took a scan of the relevant page: –

Freelander Wheels 2

I’m a bit concerned as the ‘Active’ wheels that I’ve bought are labelled as 1.8i (see red box in picture). I’m not sure if this means they are only suitable for Freelanders fitted with K-Series engines.

It looks like I may have bought duff wheels! I’ve put a post on the LRO Forum and also on the LRM Forum. Any info or comments welcome…

Update 23/07/11

After posting on the LRO Forum and contacting Harry Silk via his Picasa Account it seems that the wheels I purchased are ok to use with my Freelander. Result!


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