Freelander Driving Lamps

When I bought my original Freelander XEi, it came fitted with the Safari 300 driving lamps.

S503AGR Lamps 2

Eventually when I swapped XEi for the Td4 Kalahari I took the lamps off in the hope that I’d fit them to the new Freelander. That didn’t happen so now I’ve decided to fit them to the latest Freelander.

After getting it out of the storage box the kit looked like this: –


Unfortunately the switch panel is the wrong colour as the current Freelander has a black interior. Haven’t found the part number for this panel yet.

However after a bit of research, it seems there are different kits depending on which model you have!

Land Rover Part No Description
STC7907AA Spot Lamp Mounting Bracket
STC53137 Safari 3000 Driving Lamp Kit – 02 On
STC7906 Safari 3000 Driving Lamp Kit – Pre 01
STC50484 Safari 3000 Fog Lamp Kit – LHD TD4 – Pre 01

Further research required. I think that some modification to the existing kit from the 1999 1.8 Petrol Freelander. More details to follow in a later post.

The lamps aren’t in bad condition. However there are a few problems: –

P1030911 The fixings are a bit rusty. These will be replaced these with some stainless equivalents.
P1030915 The back of the lamp has some minor surface rust. Some heatproof paint may fix this.
P1030917 The reflector seems to have bubbled up around the hole at the bottom. This is probably due to water ingress over time.
P1030916 Here’s the hole from the rear of the reflector. Not sure if this hole is for drainage or maybe a sidelight???

It’s also like to install some fog lights like on the original Freelander above but that has complications to do with the fuel burning heater. That however is another story…

That’s all on the lamps for now. Further update to follow when the lamps are installed…


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