The 2010 Heritage Run


We managed to bag a place this year on the annual heritage run from Land Rover, Solihull to the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon.
All the vehicles involved in the ‘run’ firstly gather at the Solihull site to register, fit the run plaque and have a quick brief of the day’s events. The car park quickly fills with some of Solihull’s finest including some seriously nice Series vehicles heading up the cavalcade.
Once under way with Police out-riders holding the traffic to allow us clear passage, the cavalcade winds its way down to Gaydon where once everyone has made it to the holding car park, we eventually get our chance to drive slowly down the main entrance road through the crowds with a running commentary provided over the PA. Once again everyone masses around the back of the museum before driving back around the front to park up amongst the rest of the run vehicles.
We had a good day in spite of the freezing weather and even managed to bag a few bargains from a few of the traders that were there.



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