Freelander rear light

I noticed (not for the first time) after washing the car the other day that the rear nearside stop & tail lamp had a lot of condensation in it so after Id finished washing the car I took the lamp off to have a better look.

A lot of condensation clearly visible in the lamp


What I found was a lot worse than I’d expected, it’s not clearly visible in the picture but the inner thin metal of the lens had completely rusted and rotted away, there was no chance of a repair so once again out came the credit card and a replacement was sourced from Hunters, a Land Rover main dealer but via their Ebay store, again it was a genuine part with part number – XFB500190

The lamp arrived within two days so I swapped it over while I had a spare 10 minutes, the replacement even came complete with new bulbs but I did notice the dreadful state of the screws that hold the lamp in place, they were very corroded and spoiled the clean look of the rear end. Obviously me being me I couldn’t have that so back online to find some suitable replacements more of which to follow soon…


Hard to see but the whole inner metal had rusted away










The source of the water ingress, looks like an overtightened screw was the demise of the lamps integrity










Simply plug ‘n’ play
Nice new replacement lamp



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