Gearbox Update

A quick update on the gearbox.
Just before it went into the main dealers for investigation I decided to change the gearbox oil myself, this is detailed in the ‘Discovery Mods and Maintenance’ section.

The oil change (initially at least) made no appreciable difference, the dealers then put about 100 miles on it testing the ‘box but they couldn’t find any fault. Somewhat mystified and quite annoyed I collected the car and thought no more about it as we were going on holiday within the next few days. The holiday involved about 160miles worth of motorway miles so I’d almost resigned myself to a strange gear change once I left the motorway.
Fortunately though, as I left the motorway the gear change seemed normal at the traffic island, a one off maybe?  Well no as it happens. I’m now around 800 miles on from the oil change and so far (crosses fingers) the gear change has improved markedly.
I’m hoping that the oil change, using the correct grade of oil this time, has worked its magic and sorted out the gear change issues.


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