Goodbye Freelander, hello Freelander 2

After many years and miles of service I have decided to trade in the Freelander for a Freelander 2.

Spotted the new incumbent on the Land Rover Approved Used Vehcicles site. It was located at Guy Salmon in Wakefield. Along way to travel but the price seemed good and after an initial visit a deal was made.

Took the old car up to Wakefield early this morning and here she is looking a bit forlorn in the rain: –

When I bought this car in Nov 2007 it had done 49,000 miles: –

Had a few issues when buying the car but these were mainly due to my bank (Santander). The people I dealt with at Guy Salmon were really pleasant. Despite the issues with payments, they were upbeat and never dismissive. However thanks to the incompetence of my bank (Santander) I felt like a bit of a cretin so thanks Santander.

Anyhow, those issues aside, the journey home was fairly uneventful and here’s the new kid on the block. Freelander 2 SE in Tonga Green: –

There’s lots to be done to bring it up to full GLR operational spec. Things I have planned so far: –

  • Fitting roof rails
  • Fitting rear/boot power socket
  • Driving lamps
  • LED sidelights
  • Uprated halogen bulbs
  • Floor mats
  • Leather steering wheel & gear knob
  • Change alloy interior trim to something more suitable (Light ‘wood’)
  • FBH
  • Rear boot mat
  • Boot liner so I can take the hairy beast below out!
Sid Spinone
Sid Spinone 



GLR Webmaster & Contributor. In real life I'm a Software Engineer developing embedded software mainly in the automotive industry. Freelander 2 SE TD4 in Tonga Green Discovery 4 SDV6 HSE in Aintree Green Defender XS also in Tonga Green - Gone Freelander Td4 ES TD4 in Epsom Green - Gone Freelander Td4 Kalahari TD4 in Epsom Green - Gone Freelander XEi in Epsom Green - Gone

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