Introducing the ‘Curry Hook’

One thing I noticed when I bought the Freelander after owning the D2 was the lack of a ‘curry hook’ on the central console; this had to be remedied and fast, after all nobody likes their Singapore chow mein splattered across the footwell do they?
The answer came in the form of a simple hook I picked up at a Land Rover show for the princely sum of £1.50, the single hook matches the finish of most automotive interior plastics and simply screws to whatever surface you want to fix it to with a single self-tapper, there is also a locating peg that stops any twisting of the hook once fitted. Obviously before attaching the hook make sure there is nothing behind the trim panel that could be damaged by the screw otherwise fitting is simplicity itself.
They always say that the best ideas are the simplest, in this case I’m inclined to agree.
Go on, treat yourself!

Simply brilliant!
An end to all curry disasters?




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