Land Rover Celebrate 65 Years of Production

Today marks the 65th anniversary of the Land Rover going in to production.

To celebrate the 65th anniversary of HUE 166 (the first series I as it was to become known), or ‘Huey’ as it has become known within the Land Rover community rolling off the production line, Land Rover will releasing a limited edition Defender known simply as the ‘LXV’ edition, 65 in Roman numerals just incase you were wondering…

The new limited edition (prices available in August) will be available in either Santorini black or Fuji white, inside the Defender will have leather seats with the headrests embossed with the LXV logo. The steering wheel, cubby box and seats with feature contrasting orange stitching and an optional exterior union flag badge will also be available.

For more details of this limited edition and further 65th anniversary celebrations by Land Rover check out their media page here


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Copyright Land Rover





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