Land Rover Show

The GLR team are thinking of having a stall at one of this years up-coming Land Rover shows.

Between us we have quite a collection of Land Rover literature, parts and also some outdoor & military items that are usually of interest to us Land Rover types.
So to the question; if you could or indeed will be attending only one Land Rover show this year, which would/will it be? Answers on a postcard please to GLR Towers, ….

At the moment we’re thinking about doing the Peterborough show in September as that seems to generate quite a crowd but everything is still in the planning stage as yet as we work out what we’ve got to sell and costings etc. If we do decide to set up a stand we’ll post it up here so you can come and say hello and of course hopefully buy stuff too 😉

Roll up, roll up!
Roll up, roll up!


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