LED light upgrade

This is a really easy, useful ‘mod’ that takes minutes to do. The three interior lights in the Discovery never seem to give out enough light at night when you’re looking for something either in the boot, footwell or rear seats, whatever you’re looking for always seems to be hidden in the shadows! For around £4 each you can replace the interior filament bulbs with LED’s, there are many places to buy LED’s replacements, online suppliers and of course  eBay, just make sure you measure the original bulb so that you can then order the correct length LED  for your light fitting. Also there’s a choice of the type of ‘light output’ to consider, I went for the ‘white’ light which gives out a very bright, white light, you can also order a more softer, ‘warmer’ light if you prefer.
To fit simply pop out the light lens/cover and replace the filament bulb with your new LED, simple. The other advantage of LED’s is the lower power consumption, therefore lessening your chances of a flat battery should you accidently leave one of the interior lights on.

LED replacement (left) and the original filament bub


LED installed


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