Nocturnal vanity!

DPP_892 (1024x768)
Unpacking the new visor

Another quick and easy ‘mod’ I did today, a replacement sunvisor with a built-in illuminated vanity mirror, not for me obviously, but my significant other!
Fitting really couldn’t be any easier, simply remove the three pozidrive machine screws and remove the existing visor. Now, hiding inside the headlining, tucked up out the way, you should be able to find the pre-installed wiring loom for the visor, there’s a small, black plug on the end of it. I’m led to believe that most, if not all Discovery II’s are pre-wired for this but obviously it would be wise to check before ordering.
Next, plug the new visor into the loom and refit the three screws. The hardest part is starting off the first screw while holding the visor in place, an extra pair of hands helps considerably!
That’s it, job done. Note that the illumination only works with either the engine running or the ignition switched to position ‘II’ The part number is – STC 4750
I bought the visor from here brand new in it’s original packaging for only £10 plus £3.95 P&P, ordered and arrived within three days.

DPP_894 (768x1024)
Simply remove these 3 screws
DPP_896 (1024x768)
Connector for illuminated visor
DPP_897 (1024x768)
Fitted and working!


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