Not so central locking

Apparently this is quite a common problem on D2’s but it was still annoying when it happened to me! On my vehicle I have the two stage locking set up so that when you press the remote plip once it unlocks only the driver’s door, then a second press unlocks the remaining doors, or doesn’t as it turned out the other day. After a second press of the remote I noticed that the front passenger door (RHD) had failed to unlock, initially I thought it was just ‘one of those things’ but unfortunately that didn’t turn out to be the case, several more attempts failed to unlock the door with the remote. The strange thing was that when using the remote to lock the doors, all the doors locked as normal. Saturday morning saw a strip down of the front door in an attempt to rectify the problem, firstly we removed the door furniture and trim then carefully peeled back the water shedding polythene barrier to gain access to the inside of the door. After releasing the screws holding the lock/latch mechanism it soon became apparent that no amount of twisting and turning was going to free the lock from inside the door so with no replacement part to hand we settled for a good spray of WD40 in the hope that it may free ‘something’ up and start working again. No such luck! As it turns out, to remove the lock from inside the door casing you have to remove the wing mirror, top door frame and glass, not a five minute job unfortunately. I’ve now ordered a new ‘genuine part’ lock/latch mechanism, part number FQJ102890 so hopefully this coming weekend we’ll replace it and normal service will be resumed, of course a write up will surely follow…

As you can see in this picture, access to the lock (circled) is somewhat limited!


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