Rear air suspension trouble

I must admit, I’ve been half expecting this to happen at some point!
When I left the house this morning I noticed that the Disco was sat on it’s rear bump-stop on the nearside looking quite weird. My first indication that something may be wrong actually happened a couple of days ago while parked on a drive that has a slight incline for 4 or so hours, I noticed when I came back to the Disco that the rear looked a little low. Thinking that the self levelling suspension (SLS) had tried to level itself while the Disco sat at an odd angle I didn’t didn’t pay it too much attention. Wrong!
I’ll do a bit of investigation tomorrow to try and pinpoint the cause but I’m pretty sure it’ll turn out to be one of the rubber air springs. I have a feeling that the one’s I have on at the present are the original factory fitments so I suppose almost 7 years service isn’t too bad. I’ll be replacing both rear air springs for peace of mind hopefully later this week, details to follow…


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