Rustproofing, here we go again…

The fight against rust and corrosion seems to be a never ending battle when you own a Land Rover.
When I first bought the Discovery back in 2009 I was determined to keep on top of the rust that seems to so love the Land Rover chassis so Jason and myself set about the rear half of the chassis with wire brushes and a selection of ‘rust proofing’ products at the latter end of the summer in 2009. We went for the painting-it-on option as opposed to spraying it on as we did with my Defender 90 a few years ago, the reasoning being that this was a temporary measure and slightly less messy than spraying. The inside of the chassis and some of the inner body panels did get a spraying of Dinitrol in the form of aerosol cans, not ideal, but better than nothing!
Anyway, that was almost 2 years ago now and the chassis is starting to show signs of slight surface rust again so it looks like at least one weekend over the summer will be set aside for another rust proofing session; I’m really looking forward to it…
Actually I’m not, it’s a hateful, filthy job but is probably one of the best things you can do to your Land Rover if you intend on keeping it for any length of time. Already there are some Discovery II’s requiring welding to the chassis, a particular area of concern is the the rear part of the chassis from the rear axle back, especially where the chassis curves down before rising back up to meet the rear cross member, an area of particular concern if you tow with your Discovery as this is where the fixings are located for the tow-bar, take note. I’ll be using both ‘Waxoyl’ and ‘Dinitrol’ cavity protection wax once again and will post up details when I get around to doing it later this year sometime obviously a nice warm, dry day is preferable so my opportunities will be limited!

Not the nicest job in the world

This was the chassis condition in 2009 before treatment, not that bad but best to catch it early


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