Towbar Removal

From the day I bought the Discovery I always intended to remove the original towbar that was fitted. As you can see from the picture it really compromises the departure angle and was often referred to as ‘the plough’ for obvious reasons…
DPP_1953 copy

After a while it soon became apparent that removal was going to be easier said than done. It started well enough, three of the four bolts came out with very little effort, but the fourth…
Eventually after a can of WD40, an 18" breaker bar, an impact wrench, lump hammer and a few expletives it finally succumb to my efforts to release it. As you can see the departure angle is instantly improved.
DPP_1958 copy

The intention now is to Waxoyl the rear half of the chassis while it’s more accessible and then fit a NAS style 2" receiver hitch. Details to follow soon.


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