Turbo vent filter

Another one of those often over looked service items is the turbo vent filter; located towards to rear of the engine on the drivers side (Td4 RHD) changing it really couldn’t easier, carefully pull the existing filter from the small bore rubber hose it’s connected to (use a pull/twist action to prevent stressing the hose) and replace with the new filter taking care to ensure it’s fitted in the right orientation also note that the opposite end is intended to be left open to the atmosphere and not connected to anything, once fitted clip back in place to prevent any annoying rattles or chaffing.

Turbo vent filter – part number – PHB000450


Tricky to see from this angle but the filter is the white object in the centre of the picture


Old filter on the left of the picture,as you can see it’s not particularly dirty but for the sake of £2 it’s worth taking 5 minutes to change it




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