Fitting a Discovery dog guard

I managed to find a spare hour this evening so set about fitting my newly acquired dog guard.  Fitting is a fairly straightforward, if fiddly affair, securing the two small nuts on the underside of the bottom brackets being the most testing for my less than dainty hands. Basically once you’ve fitted the top brackets to the rearmost grab handles, you slot the dog guard into these then mark the location for the bottom brackets on the rear side trim panels, and it’s also easier at this stage if you remove the top piece of trim into which the load space cover locates. Using a piece of masking tape helps to make the marking up much easier, once you’ve done that drill two 5mm holes in to the trim panel and locate the bottom brackets. There’s a strengthening plate that fits on the underside of the trim panel which is then all secured with two 7mm nyloc nuts. Finally use the toggle type bolts to secure the dog guard at the bottom, that’s it, it’s that easy.

Top trim piece removed and masking tape in place


Drill two 5mm holes for each bottom bracket


Bottom bracket in place with toggle type bolt


Upper bracket
Fitted and finished -- All images are copyright Green Land Rover


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