Freelander 2 60k Service

I have been meaning to get the Freelander 2 serviced now for several months. However due to other pressures I’ve been unable to find the time. Finally managed to get it booked into Ultimate Land Rover yesterday.

As usual Terry came and picked it up for me around 8 o’clock and brought back around 7. That man works long hours! They are always busy and I’m not surprised really. The service they offer is excellent. I say this unreservedly as I have no connection other than as a satisfied customer.

Although the service had meant to be the 45k one, Terry did the 60k one as he said the vehicle appeared not to have had a full service for a while. I’m quite happy with that decision as the cost difference is minimal and gives me peace of mind for vehicle longevity.

I also asked them to give the vehicle a good look over and look for any issues that I could get sorted whilst the vehicle is still under warranty. Fortunately nothing was found and everything seems to be in the condition you’d expect for a 5 year old vehicle (or in some cases better).

One thing that wasn’t done was the auto transmission and power transfer unit (Haldex) oil change. The Land Rover recommended interval for this is 150k. Thinking about it I may ask to have this done at the next (75k) service. For the price of the oil and labour I think it will again contribute to longer service life.

Onward with the next 15,00 miles and thanks again to Terry at Ultimate Land Rover. If you’re local to Netherton definitely give them a try. Prices are very good and as said before, service is excellent!


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