Installing a ‘Submarine’ courtesy light in a Freelander 2

After finding a post on the Freel2 site I thought it would be quite nice to fit one of these courtesy lights into the GLR Freelander 2. Basically they cast a low level orange light around the cabin which gives just enough illumination to find things at night. I had come across this kind of thing in a BMW before but never in a Ford (from which a lot of the Freelander 2 parts come from).

After some research I found the following variants of the Ford ‘submarine’ light: –

6M21-15K609-AC No pic

One had the alarm ultrasonic sensors built in but  these weren’t required so I removed the control PCB

SubLight-12SubLight-9 SubLight-1 SubLight-4 SubLight-5 SubLight-6 SubLight-8


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