Winter Health Check

Given the sub-zero temperatures here of late (see previous post) I did a bit of winter maintenance this afternoon.
Nothing major, just a check of levels and top ups where necessary. The only thing needing a top up was the screen wash. I’ve always used Halfords concentrated screen wash and to date have never had a problem with frozen washer jets. While I was on, I also fitted some new, ‘genuine parts’ front windscreen wiper blades (part number DKC100960) as the passenger side had started to split at the ends and the driver’s side wasn’t always clearing the screen properly. I also so re-fitted the front seat covers and checked the contents of the boot to make sure I had the Winter essentials, warm clothing, blankets, shovel, jump leads, etc, etc, and of course, the ever essential brew kit. 

Screen Wash
New Wipers


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