The All Terrains go on

We’re still yet to see the white stuff but in readiness (well that’s my excuse) I decided to swap my wheels and tyres over today for my ‘winter set’, they’re not the prettiest alloys and they’ll certainly not be winning any concourse competitions but they are fitted with a set of General Grabber AT2’s.
The weather forecast keeps promising us snow but as yet the best we’ve seen is a hard frost, hardly as much fun is it? Anyway, regardless of any snowfall or not the AT’s will be staying on for a while as I’m keen to see how they perform as ultimately I intend to have a set of AT’s fitted all year round; either the new General Grabber AT’s or maybe even some of the almost legendary BFGoodrich all terrains, although that said I have been hearing good reports lately about Cooper Tires’ A/T.
Finally, if you haven’t got one already get yourself a decent torque wrench and use it, often! As a matter of course I check the torque of my wheel nuts every month and obviously after every removal and refit; incorrectly tightened wheel nuts are dangerous; loose one’s for obvious reasons and over-tightened one’s for even more reasons; striped threads and or damaged studs and cracking of the wheel itself from using excessive force when re-fitting the wheel nuts.
The recommended torque for standard fitment, genuine Land Rover alloy wheels for the Discovery II is 140NM.

Here’s a few quick snaps of the swap-over (please excuse the poor quality phone camera pictures)

Trolley jack + gravel drive = colourful language!
General Grabber AT2 vs. Pirelli Scorpion ST
Bring on the snow!





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